Online Classes

Our online classroom is a great way for preschool students to acquire necessary skills whilst at home.

Daily classes (monthly subscription)

  • 5 daily lessons per week 
  • Daily activities
  • birthday ring 
  • Special event circles  
  • Access to the eLearing platform
  • Lesson plans
  • Parent workshops

Subject Study Pack (fixed amount payable in 2 installments)

  • 10 hours extra online tuition    
  • Subjects offered:
    • English (reading and writing)
    • Mathematics (numbers, shapes, colours, pattern and measurement)
  • Parent workshop and training
  • Student Study Guide
  • Parent Manual
  • Tablet (Optional) 

Individual tuition (hourly rate)

  • One-on-one online tuition    
  • Student assessment 

e-Learning Platform

  • Structured learning plans
  • Videos
  • Activities with instructions
  • Worksheets & templates
  • Teaching aids & guides
  • News and articles
  • Forums & support
  • Teaching resources
  • Parent workshops

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